Do you only support causes related to type 2 diabetes and mental health?
Medavie Health Foundation supports three core causes: child and youth mental health, post-traumatic stress disorder, and type 2 diabetes. We focus on developing partnerships and supporting programs that promote long-term lasting impacts in these three areas.

Are there plans to expand your support to other causes?
We are focused on our three core cause areas. Medavie Blue Cross also supports a variety of health and wellness-related causes.

What type of initiatives do you fund?
We fund community-based programs that broaden the impact in the target population. We do not fund capital campaigns (bricks & mortar projects), equipment (lifestyle/exercise/ playground/medical), medical research or treatment, transportation initiatives, individual/family fundraising activities, emergency requests, awareness campaigns or event sponsorship.

Do I need to complete an application to be considered for a grant?
Yes.  Go to “how to apply” to download and complete the Application Form (PDF). Please follow the instructions to ensure you’re including all the required information.

Can we submit more than one application at a time?
No. We will only review one application from an organization at a time.

If our organization applied for funding and was turned down, do we need to wait a cycle before applying again?
There is no waiting period to apply after an unsuccessful application.

How much grant funding can we apply for? 
There is no set dollar amount for grant requests; however, to date, our grants have ranged between $5,000 and $50,000. It is up to the applicant to qualify their funding ask.

When can I expect to hear back on whether or not we’re receiving grant funding?
All applicants will be notified in-line with our quarterly Board meetings.

Foundation grants are awarded for a maximum of three years. How long must our organization wait before re-applying? 
If your organization received multi-year grants, you must wait three years before being eligible to re-apply. For example, if your organization received its year three grant as part of our 2014 Grants Program, you are eligible to re-apply in 2018. You cannot re-apply for the same program. Please note that priority is given to organizations who have not received recent funding.

Do I have to complete an application form to be considered for a partnership with Medavie Health Foundation?
No.  Please e-mail us at MHF@MedavieHealthFoundation.ca to discuss partnership opportunities. For more information, visit “Partnerships” found under “About.”